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We are an internet oriented company committed to develop a complete cloud computing network and communication tools, to assist business, society and business association to solve the e-commerce issue. Our excellent professional service aimed to create a brand new electronic marketing network and culture. We provide a series of completed strategies and tools to help minimize the business marketing spending, and maximize the business potential.

Our Services

We listen all the problem facing our customer facing to provide logical and technical solutions to solve their problems.

  • Business Software Development

    Business Software Development

    We covered all major business software development. Our business software system is essentially included Customer Relation Management, Accounting Management System, E-Commerce System. It provides one-stop business cloud management platform.

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  • Website Design

    Website Design

    We provide you a complete website solution, perfect for tradesmen, individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

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  • Mobile Application

    Mobile Application

    We customize operation system that suit different business needs, and this increase the professional image in business. Customers can always download specific app or function, to keep updates with business latest news.

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  • Domain Register

    Domain Register

    Domain name was needed for your business, customers can find your site on the World Wide Web quickly.

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  • Social Media

    Social Media

    We provide 3 major network advertising platforms, including ECO MEDIA, ECO SEARCHES & MY NPO. With aim to help business / enterprise & non-profit organization to achieve a greater advertising effect.

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  • Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    We offer professional graphic design to increase enterprise's product brand and image, thereafter improve competitive advantages.

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  • Professional Photography

    Professional Photography

    We provide professional photographing to improve product & service images which ultimately lead to better competitiveness.

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How to transcend the barriers on your expanding business?

You have questions. We have answers.

Our goal is to assist you to solve your problem among business processes, business management. We listen. We research your industry, your competitors and your market. We make sure we understand your unique challenges and pressures.

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Customer Relationship Management System

ECOCRM adopted the latest technology, it is easy and user-friendly. The user can complete the work item as easy as a click or a press. With the easy operation setting function, most computer user will feel convenience in using ECOCRM Save time and effort, ECOCRM is a good helper for business ECOCRM is a dual-interface platform operating system (Responsive Web System). It can be operate on different operating platforms, such as computer, tablet or mobile phone. ECOCRM provide a network that help business achieves market solutions, thus allow your business planning for better future.

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Content Management System

In this constant change business market, any business need a complete strategy and tool more than ever to maintain competitiveness and advantages. We offer a complete Content management system to help the business on the Internet advertising issues. Online advertisement have no time and border limitation,it offers a non-stop 24 hours advertising throughout the world, Content management system equipped with dual interface technology, to ensure the business website can be well displayed in different internet interface. Internet system is simple to operate, free from complicated coding procedures, users can always upload and update the content of the web. Assist business in network market by creating network marketing solution and prepare your business for future challenge.

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Accounting System

Network Accounting is relying in the Internet environment on a variety of transactions and matters of recognition, measurement and disclosure of accounting activities. It is also built on the network environment on the basis of accounting information systems, is an important part of e-commerce, it can help companies achieve remote report financial and business synergies, and reimbursement, audit, auditing, and other remote processing, dynamic accounting matters Online accounting and financial management, support for electronic documents and electronic money, the way to change the access and use of financial information to enable enterprises to embark on paperless accounting work.

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